Friday, February 11, 2011

I will not be discouraged!

Hello Bloggers

Okay I've been really bad because I haven't blogged in a while. Well I sort of have blogged but I haven't posted them (sigh). Nevertheless I am here blogging now as I watch the Search for OWN the new show on the Oprah Network about a group of people competing to have the show on Oprahs new network. Today I am blogging about my visit to the doctor today. I went to the doctor today to check on the cysts on my ovaries. The obgyn doctor that I usually talk to has moved to another location so I picked another doctor a few months ago and today was my first day meeting her. Well long story short I am not too fond of her. Well let me explain. As soon as the doctor walked into the room she seemed rush. She asked the usual why are you here question. I informed her that I want to stop taking the birth control that I am taking and instead try to heal my cysts naturally. So begins to go on and on about how it would be a good idea to do that because the cysts will be there forever. And she went on and on about all of the negative things like I wont be able to have kids with IVF blah blah blah.
I share this just to motivate you ladies not to get discouraged when the doctor gives you the textbook diagnosis of a situation. I absolutely believe in the manifestation of divine decree. Or any type of higher power that heals. We just have to listen.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Artistic Fashion

Good Morning Bloggers

One of the things that I wanted to introduce to my Blog is something that is really dear to me. I love Museums. So I would like to start going to around the city see visit displays and Museums and I will post pictures of anything that I find noteworthy. The following pictures that I am going to post are not from a museum however here is a little history on them!

FIT (the Fashion Institute of Technology) have various displays of some of the designs, fashion and art work that was created from the students. Here are some of the amazing designs created by the students.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Action Plan

As I mentioned in my first post that I was going to start taking Vitamins. Well I just recieved them in the mail. I basically ordered them from the Vitamin shoppe which is a great store for vitamins and any health food products that you need. I can't say it enough! I do not advise taking vitamins without seeking the help of a professional that would be equipped to tell you what you need if anything.

So the next step in my health journey is to go food shopping. Now ladies I don't know if you are like me but personally speaking if I do not have some sort of plan when I go into the store then I will either over purchase, forget something or intentionally not get what I went there for because I found something that I thought was better (that is until I reach home). So to advoid that I am going to create what I call an action plan. My action place consist of specific things that I am going there for that I have preselected before I get to the store and will then purchase it. The items will be based on specific items that I need to eat in an attempt to eat healther in addition to them being items that I need to go with the vitamins that I have selected. When I am serious about taking vitamins and working out and stuff I usually try to add the vitamins into the food that I am eating. If they are pills then I have to crush them because I cannot swallow pills. Most of the things that use are liquids thought. I love liquid multivitamins. The one that I use has a leafy aquired taste to it.

Baby it's snow outside.

Ok so I know that is random and doesn't have anything to with my blog but as I said in my first blog I don't want it to only be about losing weight. It snowed last night in NYC and there was so much hype about it lol. We were told it was going to be a blizzard and we were told that if you dont have to go out then stay home. And it was suppose to be from 6pm until 7am the next morning and have two inches per hour. Okay so I have to admit that despite the fact that I was off two days before this and today (wednesday) I was expected to return back to work. I was so excited about being off today. Like a child who would be home from the snow because the schools closed. Well when I woke up 5:30 this morning (you know so I could read the email informing me of the closing of my place of employment. Well as luck would have it I checked my email!... nothing, checked my phone because we recieve txt messages of our closing! nothing...well you guessed it we are open today lol

Saturday, January 8, 2011


As I mentioned in my other blog I would talk about my health issues. Well here it is. I have PCOS which is the abbreviation for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome. I will give you the textbook definition on it and additional information in a little while. In summary I have a bunch of small cysts that are within my ovaries. That appearance are often times referred to as a string of pearls. Some of the symptoms that a woman would face because of this is missed periods, abdominal pain and hair growth in places that are not usual for most woman i.e. chin, lip face. The presence of the cysts are one of the causes of my missed periods. One of the reasons that I want to change my lifestyle right now is because I feel as if the symptoms that I am facing because of this are increasing as I get older. When I turned 31 I began having an increasing amount of additional problems. Oftentimes I feel as if I am having my own personal summer (as if my body is in early stages of menopause) I become really hot internally. This happens often no matter if it is a hot day or a cold day. I sweat a lot despite the fact of wearing cotton clothes. I can take a shower and begin sweating shortly after. A symptom that I am facing right now that I am sure it is tied to this is hyperpigmentation on my lip. I have a scar above me lip that could easily be passed as a mustache unless you look closely then it looks like a bruise of some sort. For me the bruise of my lip is the straw that broke the camels back because I do not want to walk around with some sort of mark on my face that can potentially be fixed. I have an appointment with the doctor in an effort to find some possible solution to rid myself of it. I am hoping that changing my eating habits and exercising will help so that hopefully my internal situation will improve. From what I was told PCOS is something that just has to be managed and it is possible that the symptoms can decrease or go away.

As I previously mentioned in my other post that I am not one of those type of woman that is obsessed with my weight. Well to a certain degree maybe I should be. And I feel that I have build a defense mechanism in an effort to feel ok. One thing is for certain is that I refuse to be a victim of PCOS because there will always be someone out there who is in a worst situation. But I will not feel sorry for myself. So my defense mechanism is to say that no matter what I will be okay.

Now I know that there are some ladies that cannot relate to this matter and that is fine. Because I feel that within every story there is some type of commonality. So perhaps this is not your problem but you have another situation that you are going through. That alone links you to someone because there will always be someone out there that has a problem also.

One of the ways I am counter acting this is through reading a lot about it. Ladies if the symptoms sounds like something that you might think that you have, even if it doesn't sound like something that you think you have perhaps you have something else or it has been a little while since you went of the check up at the GYN please, please, please set up that appointment and go. Your health is important and putting of that appointment is very dangerous. It should take no longer then one day out of your busy schedule to go to the doctor. Your worth it! That one visit to the doctor could potentially save your life or prevent any problems that you are having.

Over the years I have found informative information about PCOS. Please feel free to check out the links below to the information that I have found. If you have some information you would like to share regarding PCOS please feel free to post on this blog.

Informative information:

PCOS defined (definition from WEBmd)Polycystic ovary syndrome (say "pah-lee-SIS-tik OH-vuh-ree SIN-drohm") is a problem in which a woman’s hormones are out of balance. It can cause problems with your periods and make it difficult to get pregnant. PCOS may also cause unwanted changes in the way you look. If it is not treated, over time it can lead to serious health problems, such as diabetes and heart disease.

For more info from web MD go to the following link:

Helpful websites:

Checking Back Into Life

As I rolled over and peeked at the time on the alarm clock, 6:30am was the vision that I seen. That meant that I only had a half an hour left before it was time to rise from my bed brush my teeth, take a shower and prepare myself for work. Perhaps if I went to bed earlier the night before I would not feel as tired as I did. However my past experience with my sleeping habits reminded me that the time that I went to bed played very little on me feeling tired in the morning. Could it be my hormones that played a role into my sleeping habits, perhaps I need a vacation despite the fact of being off from work for three days prior to this day. Or maybe trying to juggle my life and the lives of family members despite the fact that I do not have any kids are finally taking its toll.

Can you relate to this feeling ladies? Does your everyday life feel as it is taking a toll on you and because of it you wish that for a little while you could "check out" just to recapture some type of normality. My aim with regards to this blog is to begin to take time out for ourselves even when it makes of feel guilty doing so.

A little about me
Welcome to my first initial blog that I have set up and officially launched. I would like to use this blog as a form of self reflection and perhaps motivation for anyone who is out there like me and is ready to check back into life. I am 32 years old single with no kids. I have two jobs and I am a self proclaimed workaholic (that is if working from home every weekend after working 12 hours that day classifies as workaholicism). I have been working on the weekends for about eight years (can you imagine how my dating life is?) I am so involved with my two jobs that I refer to one of my jobs as my husband and the other job as my boyfriend. However I know that this behavior is not healthy. Since I started working on the weekends I have gained 30 pounds to my already overweight frame. So in an effort to improve my behavior and lifestyle I am ready to "Check back into life".

Preparation to lose weight
I am going to use the month a January to get into a routine. I have just ordered some vitamins that cater to any health needs that I have (my health needs will be discussed within latter blogs). I would like to purchase some workout clothes and a workout bag.
Working out
Ok ladies I have to admit! I have had my account to Lucille Roberts for over two year. I have gone less then ten times within the two years and I just started attending the gym occasionally a few months ago. But that okay today is a new day! Please note that my workout routine will not only consist of going to Lucille Roberts. To keep myself and you interested I am going to frequent other gyms, dance classes, yoga, boxing etc and blog about them. I am going to do some type of activity and both blog and tweet about them at least once a month.

Well some would say this topic is the root of our evil when it comes being overweight (in addition to working out). If I was to be honest I would admit that drinking soda is one of my problems and I know if i did nothing else and I just stopped drinking soda that I would lose at least 20 pounds. I gave up soda a few months ago and one day I just started drinking it again. Eliminating soda from my diet will be one of the things that I do. I want to replace it with tea and crystal lite. As far as food is concerned I am going to minimize the amount of take out I eat and cook more.

What you can expect
My blog will not only consist of me trying to lose weight. I am so not one of those over the top I want to lose weight people. In fact I am comfortable being a size 18 (I will tell you my weight later) in an effort to live my best life I do recognize that being overweight and a workaholic is not healthy. While I am trying out new things and going to dance classes, resturants to try healthier food or skydiving (if I am brave enough one day) I would be honored for you to do some form for activity as well as post about on my blog. The main goal and intention of my blog is to motivate and inspire myself so I can motivate and inspire others.

If you are launching a blog or have a website or something that you would like me to check out feel free to leave a comment. Or if you just want to introduce yourself and/or tell me your goals you are more then welcome to leave a comment. In an effort to keep my blogs positive, informative and thought provoking please leave messages of that nature. If you would only like to view my blog and you are feeling a little shy that's alright, you're more then welcome to visit.