Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Action Plan

As I mentioned in my first post that I was going to start taking Vitamins. Well I just recieved them in the mail. I basically ordered them from the Vitamin shoppe which is a great store for vitamins and any health food products that you need. I can't say it enough! I do not advise taking vitamins without seeking the help of a professional that would be equipped to tell you what you need if anything.

So the next step in my health journey is to go food shopping. Now ladies I don't know if you are like me but personally speaking if I do not have some sort of plan when I go into the store then I will either over purchase, forget something or intentionally not get what I went there for because I found something that I thought was better (that is until I reach home). So to advoid that I am going to create what I call an action plan. My action place consist of specific things that I am going there for that I have preselected before I get to the store and will then purchase it. The items will be based on specific items that I need to eat in an attempt to eat healther in addition to them being items that I need to go with the vitamins that I have selected. When I am serious about taking vitamins and working out and stuff I usually try to add the vitamins into the food that I am eating. If they are pills then I have to crush them because I cannot swallow pills. Most of the things that use are liquids thought. I love liquid multivitamins. The one that I use has a leafy aquired taste to it.


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